Well, it has finally arrived…….After a beautiful Summer Season…

The Autumn Season and weather is upon us!

We see lots of colourful trees around us as the leaves change, a sure sign that fall is here and with it comes the changing weather.

As the children begin wearing jackets again, they are learning to put them on and in the case of our preschoolers to zip them up.

They are so proud of this accomplishment.

A reminder to please send in warm hats and mittens as well as the weather can be unpredictable.

Wow! Thank you! Our Thanksgiving Food Drive was a huge success. The children enjoyed an awesome Thanksgiving Learning circle about Sharing and Caring and then proudly deposited their items in the Food drive box. All food was then delivered to our local food bank.

We are excited that we have revamped our Christian curriculum to enhance the spiritual learning time for our children. This Interactive circle time continues to offer even more engaging and age appropriate learning experiences for the children.

On October 31st we will be having a Costume Party!

This will be a fun time to put on different outfits, play music and games. In order to be a fun experience please avoid sending in any costume that might be frightening to the children and for safety please avoid sending in masks that cover faces.

As always New Steps has an open door policy that provides you with the opportunity to be involved in your childs’ day or to ask questions or address any concerns you might have.

Please feel free to visit!


October 2018