Our Program

Explore, Interact, Creative

Education should never be left to chance. At New Steps, our curriculum is educational and stimulating. Curriculum is planned and based on your child’s age and individual learning styles. We love that children are naturally curious. Our curriculum includes plenty of opportunities to play, explore, listen, relate, interact, create, see, touch, and experience life.

Ideal ratios: We offer ‘Truly Teachable’ teacher-child ratios

The amount of individual attention your child receives has a dramatic affect on learning. That’s why we keep teacher-student ratios low. You can be confident that your child’s needs will be recognized.

Our ‘truly teachable’ teacher-child ratio encourages your child to learn and participate at his/her own pace

  • Infant – 1:3
  • Toddler – 1:5
  • Preschool – 1:8

Individual and small group learning is encouraged as an integral part of our daily programming. This type of learning positively impacts the learning experience in these pivotal early learning years.

An innovative weekly theme runs throughout the centre. Each classroom benefits from age appropriate creative, musical activities and stories. Theme related circle times and bible stories are a vital part our daily routine where quiet activities and rest periods are balanced with gross motor playtime and exercise. Children enjoy up to two hours daily of planned outdoor activities in our soft surface playground complete with challenging fun structures and climbers that encourage creative play.

The Jr. kindergarten program provides a solid learning experience with a focus on reading readiness, phonics, using numbers, science and nature activities, creative crafts, and music. You can be confident that our junior kindergarten curriculum continues to meet or exceed the expectations/guidelines of the Ministry of Education.