Helpful Hints for Home….

Here’s a few helpful hints and discussion topics for you to continue our weekly theme at home:

We are talking about, discovering and learning who our community helpers are in our neighborhood. Especially during this pandemic we want our children to be aware of the essential helpers in our community.

Daily Discussion Time with your Children reinforces what they are learning during the day. Sharing pictures, books, even while driving pointing out the Fire Station, the Police Station, the Hospital, the Paramedics we see in their vehicles and the sirens we hear all are here to help and provide safety in our community. Using daily experiences to reinforce learning makes it real for our children.

Lets be real…Managing preschool children’s behaviour can be a challenge and stressful especially after a long day….

Tried and True Tip: Do not ask an open ended question when you need your child to comply with your direction. Open ended implies there can be a discussion regarding the request and is not direct.

If you need your child to comply.. .Instead of asking would you like to?(which leaves room for a “yes or no” answer) Say, I need you to….

Providing a choice for your child within the directive can help as well. If you need your child to get ready for bed ….then say…It’s time to get ready for bed, you may choose the blue pj’s or the spiderman pj’s. There is no question it’s bed time but it’s also a fun time to for the child to make a real choice. You have been direct and the outcome will be getting ready for bed but you have also involved your child in the process and provided a real choice.