Try a few of these suggestions to help you and your child create a battle Free Zone at Bedtime!

Bedtime does not need to be a Battle!

  1. 1 hour before bed all electronic devices are put away..This includes TV, Ipad or tablet. A child’s brain needs time to settle down with a quiet activity that does not include a blue screen.

2. Give lots of notice and reminders to transition to preparing for bedtime: Ie) in 20 minutes it will be bedtime. With older children looking at a clock ( if your home actually has one) this is a great way to start learning how to tell time. Even with everything digital this is a invaluable life skill.

3. Prepare your child’s expectations : When I count to ten it will be time to tidy up.

4. If you wish your child to be in bed by 8pm. start the process at 7:30. Leave yourself and your child lots of time for clean up, pj time and brushing teeth. By giving lots of time it will be less stressful and unhurried. Bedtime can be a special time to unwind and share a bed time story and incorporating a prayer time with your child.

5. Bed time is non-negotiable but lots of decisions can have choices that help your child develop routines and preferences. ie) which colour pjs, which story book, hugs good night for other family members.

6. Creativity within your bedtime routine structure will win… and you will all enjoy the unwinding bonding time!