Food….and your Preschooler

Helpful Tips at Mealtime

Keep it small….your child will let you know if they want more… Large portions can be overwhelming for little ones..

When your child does not want to eat their meal? Let the worry go!…Provide healthy snacks until their appetite increases

Make their meal attractive…don’t mix the food so different tastes can be clear for their choosing

Making Mealtime Memorable

Nothing makes childhood memories more special than doing something together with family…

Creating a simple meal with your toddler or preschooler is just such a time and you get to eat the ‘success’ together.

Making a simple Pizza using store bought doh, sprinking cheese, pepperoni slices, spaghetti sauce ( and anything else your family enjoys….taste testing allowed…) on a Friday night was a family tradition and to this day.. such a fun memory shared …and passed on to the next generation….Enjoy the Moments!